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Hi I'm
Lauren Yates

Focus Within Health & Wellbeing

I am passionate about working with people to achieve their wellbeing potential.

Having experienced and overcome chronic illness myself, I now share with others how I was able to heal and create happiness in my life.

I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Energy Psychology and work as a Moving Beyond Stress Educator and Practitioner. By combining stress resilience strategies, emotional & spiritual intelligence, mindfulness techniques, OmShakti Energy Healing and The Grace Method, I work with you to get to the core of your stress and take control!

Working as a Yoga Instructor for the past 14 years, I have trained in the following styles of yoga – hatha, yin/yang, gentle, dynamic, pre-natal and children’s/kids yoga (including yoga for children with special needs).

A desire to support children (and their families) on their health and wellbeing journey, led me to become a Childosophy Children's Wellbeing Practitioner & Pure Wonder Instructor. I belie
ve in nurturing children, teens and adults to be their true authentic selves, as this is where the real magic takes place.

I am also a certified Spinal Flow Practitioner. Spinal Flow Technique uses gentle touch, palpation, anatomical postural assessments and the 7 gateways of the spine to help locate and support the body to release spinal blockages.  Yet another way to support you on your Health & Wellbeing journey!



Thank you for your enquiry

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