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ChildosophyTM Wellbeing


ChildosophyTM is a research based modality which supports Children's (and Adults) Wellbeing.


As a Children's Wellbeing Practitioner I apply the 10 Step System of Wellbeing and explore the Foundational Needs model as developed by Dr. Maxine Thérèse. 


The ChildosophyTM approach helps bring awareness to the meaning of why certain symptoms and behaviours have presented whilst supporting you to learn more about your child's (or your own) needs in a loving and supportive way.⁠


Note: although the modality was developed as a way to support Children, sessions are suitable for ALL ages as per below.



Does your child have any of the following:


- Allergies

- Fears & Phobias

- Learning Difficulties

- Emotional Issues

- Sibling Rivalry

- Friendship Concerns

- Bed Wetting

- Stomach / Body Aches

- Sleep / Bedtime Issues

- Anxiety

- Low Self Esteem

- Body Image Concerns...


Understand what these symptoms are expressing whilst supporting your child to explore their foundational needs.



The teenage years can be a challenging time for both parents and teens. Adolescent behaviours as difficult as they can sometimes be, are actually necessary for developing independence & self-awareness.  A session will open the space for any 'issue' to be understood while supporting teens to express their feelings in a safe and nurturing way. As the parent, you will get closer to truly understanding what is occurring for your child during this very natural, albeit often difficult, transitional stage of life.​​



Any 'symptom' in the form of concerns, stress, illness or other imbalance that you are experiencing often has its roots in an occurrence that has carried over from your past. The subconscious patterns that have been developed & are playing out in your life, can be reviewed and transformed consciously to support you in adulthood, using the ChildosophyTM approach.​



The role of a parent can be a tricky one to navigate, bringing with it many ups & downs. The ChildosophyTM system supports affirmative parenting and assists adults to see that any 'symptom' that their child is experiencing may mirror an important awareness in their own life. By consulting with a practitioner about their day-to-day parenting concerns, parents can get in touch with the aspects of themselves that need to be nurtured so as to create a deeper relationship & connection with their child.

Booking Types:

- Parent(s) & Child

- Parent(s) & Teen

- Adult ​

- Parenting Support


Sessions are available In Person or online via Zoom.

1 hr | $110

Cancellation Policy:

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel your booking. 50% of the appointment fee will be charged for 'late cancellations' and 'no show' appointments.

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