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Hi, my name is Lauren Yates and my intention is to provide a professional, humble and nurturing space, from which healing, growth and development can occur.

I am passionate about working with people to achieve their wellbeing potential, offering a reconnection back to the mind and body, our pathway to health and happiness.

Happy Family


Offering a variety of services suitable for all ages - children, teens & adults.


I will forever be grateful that I met Lauren a few years ago and for the assistance she has provided for myself and my teenagers. The range of ways she has been able to help, from a child too scared to sleep who then managed to fall asleep at 9pm, helping to heal the effects of trauma, pain management, self-esteem issues and negative patterns in life. Especially with teenagers who don't open up.  Helping them to process what they're going through when they often can't find the words is an incredible gift. Lauren has created a supportive environment and built trust so that when new challenges arise, such as the trauma of an accident, they know they have an effective way of dealing with it and choose to seek her assistance. Thank you for helping my children heal, grow and see how amazing they are.

- SUZE -


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