A Self Discovery Journal.


The Wonder Of You Journal has been designed with the intention of lovingly supporting children to know themselves and be in the wonder of who they truly are. 


This journal is based on a specific philosophy of the child that allows their unique and innate brilliance to unfold from a connected, open and whole foundation. The journal has been designed to prompt wonder in the child - a​​​​​​ wonder ​about why they feel certain things, and what their feelings, thoughts and emotions mean.  


When they experience certain behaviours that seem uneasy or problematic for them, they can be in the wonder of what Foundational Need this correlates with.


By using the journal children will begin to identify and heal their own specific unmet needs while learning how to communicate their feelings and thoughts with those around them.

Based on the Childosophy approach to Children's Wellbeing as developed by Dr Maxine Therese.

The Wonder of You - Journal